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          4. Hangzhou Gao Qi flavor Cosmetics Co. Ltd.
            keywords:A chemical material preservatives, flavor, concentrated liquid cleansing wipes

            Hangzhou Gao Qi flavor
            Cosmetics Co. Ltd.

            Address: No. 16, Hangzhou, Fuyang, Zhejiang, Chunjian, industrial zone

            The concentrated liquid cleansing wipes

            The concentrated liquid c

            Hangzhou Gao Qi flavor Cosmetics Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of disinfectant wipes.

            Add the amount of makeup disinfectant wipes: 5%

            [main ingredients] moisturizing agent, waterborne silicone oil, aloe extract, lanolin, skin moisturizing agent,

            [technical indicators] character: colorless and transparent liquid with characteristic flavor

            Effective substance content: 85 + 1%

            PH: 6.0-6.5 (2% solution)

            Solubility: easy to dilute in water, dilute solution is extremely stable

            Main function

            Rich in moisturizing skin care factor, moisten skin, balance the skin moisture, make skin tender, smooth, alone with moisture is not greasy formula, soft texture, natural texture, removable lipstick and other cosmetics residue, easy and convenient to clean. No alcohol, no toxic or side effects.

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